11.11.2014 - I have completed another beta demo of Mod-G. Much work has been done, including but not limited to the resolution of the warp-to-points that were not working in earlier versions. Now you can access all eight levels of the game. Level eight is still under construction and you will have limited access in that level. This release is compressed into two files as the file manager on the board is limited to 1mb uploads per file. Enjoy!



6.27.2014 - It's been a long time coming but I finally have a Beta Demo of MOD-G. To download the demo, click here.

11.4.2012 - I've uploaded my DOS GCS Archway Tutorial. Click here to view the tutorial.

10.24.2012 - Thanks to Mystery, for creating a pallette for Gimp that emulates the $RP9A pallette in MVPPaint for the DOS GCS. This will allow users to create images in Gimp, using the pallette already in the DOS GCS engine. The only thing you need MVPPaint for is to convert the files for VGA and VGR files for import into the engine.

I've also upload my DOS GCS Textured Platform Tutorial. Click here to view this tutorial.

9.5.2012 - I've added two more sites to the links page. Thanks to Graham L. Wilson, for pointing out Demu.org, which has some GCS games in their archives. The link is to Pie in The Sky Software. They have been back for a while and are developing Android apps. Finally, I've uploaded my DOS GCS roof tutorial. have a look on the tutorials page.

5.19.2011 - Thanks to Graham L. Wilson, for providing us with the Pie GCS wiki Lots of links on that page. I've added a link to the links pages.

Two new images have been posted for the DOS GCS Demo project. They portay the fortress level, showing the multi-dimensional platforms within this level.

3.15.2011 - On the dowloads page there is a link to screenshots from the DOS GCS demonstration project. I've been updating images as I go. The latest images, 013 and 014 show a few more things I've been up to. 013 shows a Doom Sargeant (From ID's Doom games) that I have imported for the Pie GCS. 014 shows four weapons menu images that I have edited: from left to right, C4 plastic exlosive, machine gun, gas grenade and fragment grenade. even though this is for the DOS engine, I am really enjoying the creation of this project by pushing the limits of the engine to come up with some awe-inspring level design for this old engine.

3.6.2011 - So I'm back from a long hiatus. I cannot find a reliabe free host site to host the download files from, so for now I will use the file upload on this site, which has a rather low file upload size. Because of this limit, the files I am able to break down into smaller zip files, are available for download.

I've added a link to the links page for a backup of the GCS Games website. This is a very useful resource for all GCS users.

On a further note, work on the DOS GCS demo is coming along great! Several new levels have been created and work on the modified weapons is coming along nicely! There is a link to the screenshots on the download page.

7.22.2009 - I found an old site, aptly named "G2," that features resources for GCSW 2.0. Visit the links to view this site.

10.24.2008 - Finally! All of the download files are back online. I'm most proud of having the forth ai source code, which Pie in the Sky Software gave to the public. It is probably the only way to keep any hope of further development of this engine alive.

10.21.2008 - OK, so most of the download files have found a new home. I'm missing a few, but I will get them uploaded as soon as I find them.

8.7.2008 - It looks like the download files need to find a new home. WIP.

4.18.2008 - Finally! I've linked all the tutorials, that are currently uploaded to the site, on the tutorials page.

4.17.2008 - I found an add-on to the Windows GCS that creates a menu. Download the GCS Mini Menu file from the downloads page.

4.10.2008 - Welcome back to the GCS Archives! Since moving to the new server, it is taking some time to get everything back on-line. All the tutorials are back on-line as are all the downloads. I'm also working with Ben Casper, to get some more content on this site. That is, more tools, more tutorials, etc, etc, etc. More to come.

4.21.2006 - This site is in its infancy. As things progress, more and more updates will become available.