Pie in The Sky Software Welcome back Pie in the Sky Software! by all means visit this site. Afterall, if it wasn't for them, the Pie GCS engine never would have happened.

Pie GCS Wiki - A Wikipedia page all about the Pie GCS.

GCS GAMES - This is it archive.org's backup of the GCS GAMES web site.

GCS Central - A community supporting many of the most popular Game Creation Systems available today.

G2 - A great older site with a good set of resources that are still available for the Pie GCS.

pieskysoft.org - Most everything is here accept the downloads, bumber!

www.md2.sitters-electronics.nl Another great site for MD2 models.

GCS 3.0 Manuals So here is the GCS 3.0 Manual from the Pieskysoft.org web site. It apears to be all there!

www.skylinesoftware.co.uk/ - The maker of Infiltration, one of the best examples of a game developed with the Pie GCS. There is also a very good tutorials section on this site.

ChiselBrain Software - Here is the web page of the developer of the game Pencil Whipped, a finalist at the 2002 Independent Games Festival.