Welcome to the GCS Archive. This site is intended for those who already own a copy of the Pie GCS. Most of the files within this site are third party downloads. Please do not ask for Registration keys. If you do not own a copy of the Pie GCS then unfortunately you are out of luck!

There is a book, that is still in print, that came with a full version of the Pie GCS v.1.1.3 for Windows.

Awesome Game Creation: No Programming Required

This book was written by Luke Ahearn and is a great read!

You can purchase a copy of this book at Amazon.com

What made the pie GCS so appealing was it's ease of game creation. A simple level can be created in very little time. The developer had promised network play and vehicle implimentation but it was not to be. Pie in the Sky software closed their doors in 2003. An entire community was left in shock! The game engine they were so excited about had lost it's primary support. The GCS Archive's purpose is to continue support of the Pie GCS through the community of developers who use it.

Some of the best examples of the pie GCS were, Pencil Whipped, which gained wide recognition in the indie game development community in 2002 at the Independant Games Festival; Infiltraion, which, if you are here, you have problaby played this game and House of Cathalon, showcasing some of the Pie GCS's finest capabilities.

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